Room of Forgotten Dreams

I woke up with a poem in my head this morning.

It was FINALLY a morning that I could sleep in because my parents had taken Riker over night. I have been sleep deprived since probably before he was born, but have been especially lacking the z’s over the last year. Riker loves to wake up between 5:30 – 6:30 am. He also often will either wet the bed, have a bad dream, wake to a missing toy, or just randomly wake to wanting to play. His earlier wake ups and interrupted nights usually happen when I either have been up way too late, or have a ton to do that day where I needed the extra sleep. Please tell me I’m not alone here with this dilemma!! lol

Any time I might get a chance to sleep in my mind comes alive in me, and this time was no different. I started thinking about possible changes and additions to my book and then the thought of a poem hit me square in the noggin.

It came to me as I laid in the warmth of the blankets not wanting to escape into the risks of the day. What would happen if I continued to retreat back into comfort instead of following my dreams to change the world? Well, these thoughts brought about my “Room of Forgotten Dreams”. I would love to hear your feedback!



Room of Forgotten Dreams


The bright sphere rises over the room of comfort

She pulls the warmth back over her new form

Sleep and safety forever her allies

Keeping her from a possible hail storm



The bright sphere rises over the room of comfort

Dreams fill her sleepless nights and dark dwelling

Left alone, suppressed they fade ever still

Fear is the perfume for the repelling



The bright sphere rises over the room of comfort

Voices pound and call from the bleeding walls

Come out, no stay; here, no there, now away

Stay in solitude, Escape restless thralls



The bright sphere rises over the room of comfort

Males will tumble and fall under the warmth

Rings rust, veils tear, vows forgotten and lost

Joy never found returns into the earth



The bright sphere sets over the dark room of comfort

A chill rises in the abandoned form

No risks taken, but no rewards to gain

The world lost, never to see her transform



May you all get up today and take those risks and refuse to be tempted to retreat into comfort if at first you don’t succeed!! Be blessed and be a blessing to others! 🙂


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