Forging Diamonds

Today I felt the urge to write something different.

I used to love writing poems. It has been close to a decade since I last wrote one though. I was a single woman at the time. Wow, time flies!!

Coincidentally, during the time of the last poem I wrote, I was trying to find myself. I was figure out what I wanted to do with the rest of my life.

I find myself in a similar situation currently. I have no idea what tomorrow holds for me in virtually every aspect of my life here on earth. (Praise God for my absolutely amazing hubby and wonderful son that I have through it all, which I didn’t have 9 years ago!) You might recall me touching on this in one of my past posts, Searching For The Right Shade.

But I digress. Today I felt led to renew the poet inside of me. Please enjoy the read and I would love to hear your thoughts! May God forge diamonds out if us all. 🙂


Forging Diamonds

She entered into darkness

The room gasped at the new sight

One powerless and frozen

Handed a child, scared and helpless


A scream pierced the silence

The figure ran from his spawn

Engulfed in arms of strangers

Her world was ruled by compliance


Loneliness imprints with fear

Fear is the friend of the weak

Save her from desolation

Bring her out of this voided sphere


Roots run deep in drought and winds

Shells made dazzling by harsh tides

Queens are born in war, not peace

Endless pressures will forge Diamonds


Fire rises in ashes

Want shan’t hold back her spirit

Hell hath no fury or wrath

As a woman lost in masses


She laughs at the infinite storm

Within her grows unending

Passion and life eternal

Strength comes out from the anguished form


Teach us your ways, oh daughter

We learn from your example

No longer shackled by life

Drought has brought out living water


Light embraces her demise

The room morns at the lost sight

A child holds her frozen hand

Her powerful spawn stands strong, wise.

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