Bleeding Soul

I’ve written another poem today that comes out of my innermost being. Instead of explaining my thoughts, today I shall let my poetry do the talking.  Try to take a guess, if you will, on what the author is trying to say?


Bleeding Soul


Her shields were set to maximum

The core was impenetrable

The crusty shell hardened around

The beautiful soul chose to drown



Joy but remained only surface deep

Like paper bags holding lava

Masks of smiles and short complete bliss

Hid the gaping, darkened abyss



Love refuses to conquer all

When it can’t enter the door

Love will melt any broken heart

But the deadbolt must first depart



Please open the chasm to give

Don’t hold back your talents and gifts

The cake will spoil if given years

One’s youth comes, then it disappears



If only this weeping girl could see

Peers, friends, lovers and passers by

All had in common the same soul

That she needn’t cry for control



Instead she stands ever alone

Beneath the lipstick, likes and charm

A rose internally bleeding

None knowing her inner pleading



Haven’t we learned from tales of old?

Not one is without past or sin

But still we fake a perfect life

We die from cloaking inner strife

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