You Wouldn’t Understand

Sometimes I feel the need to take a break from the novel writing and fiction work to express my thoughts through verse. That’s when a poem usually takes center-stage. And I blog on a day I wouldn’t usually be on here.

This is a hard time for even the most positive among us, and that includes me. I’m struggling today. And that’s never an easy thing for me to admit. But our worst days are sometimes better than someone’s best days. It’s hard to comprehend what another person is thinking, feeling, and experiencing. We live in a divided country. A divided world. And often times, divided families. I wonder what would happen if we realize our differences can bring us closer? We’re all hurting in one way or other. We don’t need to experience this alone. We don’t need to be divided as we cower in our homes or trample city streets. If we just communicate, love, and embrace, maybe we can become understood. Please enjoy the poem I wrote today on this topic, and let me know your own thoughts on this subject.

You Wouldn’t Understand by Laura Gibson Kudey

One look at me, and people flee

Not physically, but mentally

I see it in their posture

A disgust all their own

But you wouldn’t understand

Childless and barren

I’ve been told to procreate

You say motherhood completes me

While I cuddle in the darkness

But you wouldn’t understand

My children are wailing

Tearing and pulling my arms

I’m too tired to explain

Yet you gawk at me all the same

But you wouldn’t understand.

The rooms are all vacant

My nest is abandoned

No one calls or writes

I’m ashamed of my own fate

But you wouldn’t understand

I’m lavished in green

Hung by lipstick and Prada

A shell of the hollow man

Called red instead of blue

But you wouldn’t understand

I’ve lived and breathed war

Nightmares and camouflage

Protests and blue zones

A savior to the rest

But you wouldn’t understand

Black, white, red, and blue,

Rich, poor, and in-between

Lonely, crowded, found, and forgotten

Each bleeding the same

But you wouldn’t understand

Consumed in your bubbles

Your life so different, not better

No one comprehends

Which life, which color, must matter

But you wouldn’t understand.

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