Peaceful Trance

Who doesn’t love a lazy Saturday? It’s the perfect day to MAYBE catch up on a bit of sleep (If your little one doesn’t get up too early that is), spend some quality time with the Hubby, do some odds and ends around the house, and not feel guilty at all about sitting on the couch for a few minutes eating some ice cream.Β  Ice cream is a huge guilty pleasure of mine and I could easily indulge in gallons if I knew I wouldn’t gain a pound!

Today though I treated myself to a vegan version and am completely in love! A few months ago I first saw an advertisement for this So Delicious Cashew Ice Cream and I had a feeling it’d be good (Cashews are my favorite nut!), and I’m so glad that it even exceeded my expectations! Honestly though, anything with chocolate has to be a winner…

Please don’t mind the paint on my hands. I had just gotten done painting the first coat in our sun room. I’m so EXTREMELY excited that we are making leaps and bounds this year in our renovations of our house!

We bought a fixer upper in 2015 and we are slowly sculpting it into a treasured home. The first year we painted the entire interior, updated the electric, fixed a water saturated wall in the basement, replaced the front door, and started landscaping. The next year (last year), we made leaps and bounds in the landscaping, and I painted the cabinets, but we did little else.

Now this year we completely updated the bathroom,

Image may contain: indoorImage may contain: indoor

I tour down the dropped ceiling in the kitchen and replaced the florescent lights to track lighting,

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we are getting the outside of our house painted next week, and we have now been hard at work to make the sun room enjoyable to be in!

House updates make me so extremely happy and satisfied, you have no idea! I especially get such a wave of joy and pride when I do an update myself. Who says women can’t do house repairs using power tools, and be just as handy as men?! I get such a kick out of surprising the older guys at Lowes or Home Depot when I’m explaining a project to them and they get all wide eyed and exclaim “You are doing that all by yourself, not your husband?” This usually comes after they say that a simple tool is enough for me; if it was for my husband they would recommend a heavy duty one. Sexism is still alive my friends.

Yup, I might not be as strong as my husband, but I really enjoy being the handy one that does the bulk of the DIY projects. Call me the perfect mix of Joanna and Chip Gains! lol Well, one can dream…

Image may contain: one or more people

This afternoon I plan on doing a ton of writing for my novel, The Judas Killer. I set a goal for myself to be finished writing it by the end of this year. Once I’m done, the real fun will begin in trying to get it published! Super psyched yet extremely nervous about that next step. First things first though, I need to be more than half done. πŸ˜›

It really is so nice to have a Saturday at home sometimes without anywhere to go. Between graduation parties, camping trips, family visits across the state, working golf tournament fundraisers, etc., it is a treat to be home in lounge wear.

So tell me, what are you doing on this humid Saturday? Big plans on the town or are you sporting the messy due and yoga pants like me?

I asked my son, Riker, what he wants to do after his nap this afternoon. He said he wants to see the Batman Movie (Lego Batman), have a big bowl of popcorn, and get a huge big TV at the batman TV store. I asked him what store that is and he said “The TJ Maxx Store“. hahaha Sounds like a perfect end to a lazy Saturday to me! πŸ˜‰

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